Rememberz is an organization that develops and implements concepts to stimulate the senses to reach a total experience. These concepts can be used both in healthcare and in the leisure market.

What is dementia?

Dementia means that the connections in the brain decrease. This inter alia affects the memory. People with dementia generally do not remember anything after their 35th birthday. From the years before, only 'fragments' are recognized or remembered. By responding to these patches, an attempt can be made to create more recognition points and thereby get better contact with these clients.

Why a Comfort•Room for people with dementia?

We have created the comfort room because there were many caring staff who did not know how to deal with elderly people with dementia. These older people quickly panicked and shouted a lot, to the point that the staff no longer knew what to do.

The comfort room is a very good solution for this. People with dementia come to rest here. Advantages of our comfort room is that fewer medicines are used, there are fewer behavioral problems and less isolation, family and friends are more involved so that everyone can come to visit and there is less intervention.

How does the Comfort•Room work?

The Comfort ● Room can be set per resident on the instructions of medical staff, informal care, family or friends. They determine which institutions are used per person. These are set on the central system. Settings are easy to change. This way photos and music can easily be added or removed. The system is easy to use and you can expand the content with a USB stick. These personal settings are entered in advance based on the life book of this specific client in his / her setting of this system. The system is very user-friendly, so that everyone can use it for this specific client as optimally as possible.