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Comfort ● Room

What is the comfort room? 
The comfort ● room is a room where the client can relax, by properly dealing with incentives for that client as described in the life ● book.
An attempt is made to reduce behavioral problems and to prevent isolation with the help of: music, film and photo album, scent, light, view, color and a personal memory case.

o let the client unwind, through the right recognizable incentives
o pleasant atmosphere
o increasing the client's well-being
o prevent behavioral problems and isolation
o relief staff
o added value brain activity client
o better visit time for family and friends

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Life ● Book

The life book ● contains everything that the specific resident has a fond memory of, or what is familiar to him or her and possibly stress reducing.

How does it work?
You will receive a USB on which you can upload the various files. this information is stored securely and separately on the server at Rememberz and can be continuously updated with a link. the information provided is uploaded in the comfort ● room system.

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Mood ● Room

In leisure, one can apply the same applications and techniques to create an optimal atmosphere experience for VIP guests. This allows you to pamper your VIPs.

By having these guests check in in a certain way in a VIP room, where the preferences of these special guests are immediately entered when entering the room in the preferences. The smell, color and intensity of lighting, music preferences, film preferences, etc. The way to make your hotel / airport / etc stand out from others. You can make your guests feel at their best! We arrange this for you. Atmosphere experience in optima forma, the Mood ● Room!